Agenda—Day 2

Thursday, March 4, 2021 | 12:00-4:00 PM ET

12:00-1:00 PM My Wife Saved My Life (BLS) 

Speaker: Will Flanary, AKA Dr. Glaucomflecken

Dr. Glaucomflecken wears many hats atop of his ophthalmoscope avatar. He is a well-respected TikTok expert and talented Tweeter, and he is also a survivor of testicular cancer and recently, a cardiac arrest. Dr. Glaucomflecken’s wife, Lady Glaucomflecken, saved his life with the help of telephone CPR instructions from the 911 call-taker.  You’ll hear his thoughts on the post-cardiac arrest world that his family is living in, his gratitude for EMS, as well as a healthy dose of humor and wit.   A Live Q&A will follow.

1:00-2:00 PM  Have I Ever Told You That I Hate OB? (Special Populations) 

Speaker: Teri Campbell

Hey! I never signed up to be an L&D nurse! What happens when your patient doesn’t read the rule book and decides to deliver outside of the hospital and/or outside of Labor and Delivery? Come to this fast-paced and funny lecture to learn how to take the “pucker” out of emergency deliveries.  A live Q&A will follow.

2:00-3:00 PM  Meet the Medical Directors: The COVID Vaccine (Lead/Ops/Mgmt) 

Speakers: James Augustine, Joelle D'Onofrio, Garth Gemar, Jon Jui, Michael Kaufmann, Fionna Moore, Paul Pepe, Kenneth Scheppke, Susanna Visser

We are now a few months into vaccinating the American population against the coronavirus.  What have we learned so far, and what can EMS leaders around the country learn from these innovative and boundary-pushing medical directors? Join the Eagles for an in-depth discussion that will cover vaccine hesitancy, immunity response, EMS's role in administering the vaccine, and more. A live Q&A will follow.

Leadership/Operations/Management Track Sponsored by: McKesson3:00-4:00 PM  A Scalpel for the Neck and Chest (ALS)

Speakers: Kevin Collopy, Cynthia Griffin

This presentation will examine the unreliability of needle decompression and the need for using simple thoracostomy for emergency chest decompression in the traumatized patient with tension physiology. We will review the literature about  needle decompression and the literature in support of the “finger” or “simple thoracostomy” procedure, how to perform the skill, and the good outcomes it has shown.  Emergency front of neck access or eFONA is the final pathway in the management of the failed airway. Kevin will review the failed airway algorithm, cricothyrotomy, surgical cricothyrotomy and needle cricothyrotomy. A live Q&A will follow.